What we're searching for

Extra soccer boots, shinpads, cones, jerseys, etc. All of these will go a long way in making a child very happy! This may very well be the first time that the child has a pair of shoes.

Joining the team

Without the support of others, this iniative would not be possible. We need YOU to join up and make a difference in a child's life. Providing the gift of play will make a lasting impression. There are plenty of different areas to assist in: Setup a fundraising event, help organize a boot drive or just get out there and pass on the message.


A big thanks to our partners!

Our Projects

Fiji Islands - Fall of 2014

I recently visited the region and was quite astonished at the poverty levels of some areas. That being said, the people of the islands always retain a huge smile and a warm 'Bula!'.
My visit led me to a primary school where a soccer tournament was happening with a group of about 200 kids. One of the games ended and the other two teams awaited on the side. Not understanding why they weren't warming up or kicking the ball around, i quickly came to realize. The other children couldn't yet start their play because they had to wait for the first set of kids to get off the field and give them their boots to share. 22 pairs of boots amongst hundreds of kids!
Our target for this first dropoff will be some of the remote areas of the islands. The folks who aren't privy to the goods that come into main hubs. Really hoping to lighten up some kids' lives!
- Alvin Prasad

South Africa - Fall of 2015

Every Single Sole is working towards another drop-off later this year to a school in South Africa. The chosen school is Silverton Primary School, located in Pretoria, South Africa.
Silverton has a total of 1,940 students attending the school. Most of the students come from poor or working-class cities and townships like Eersterust, Mamelodi, Nellmapius and areas surrounding Silverton.
According to Silverton Primary School’s principal A.D. Pieterse, more than 98 per cent of the students are from disadvantaged areas.
However, a lot of these children are blessed with soccer skills, but they are unable to afford the proper attire or equipment.
The school is starting their soccer season, but unfortunately they have a shortage of the necessary equipment and resources.
Every Single Sole is looking to help jump-start Silverton’s soccer program by donating equipment in hopes of one day seeing a student play for the South African national team.
Nov. 15 will be the tentative date for the drop-off.
- Gareth August

India - Fall of 2016

Details to follow
- Jit Dulay

Our Mission

Living in such a beautiful and democratic country like Canada, we sometimes take for granted the opportunities given to us. The simple ability to play with a ball or have shoes on our feet are examples. The ability to buy sports equipment and have multiple pairs of shoes, socks, ball, etc. is a privilege that many others in the world could only dream of.

We're hoping to provide something to the kids so that they have smiles on their faces and shoes on their feet!